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I just bought this packet of Ferrero eggs the other day from a Coles in Logan, Qld. I bit into the first one, it broke open to reveal...I don't even know what this is!?

But I know it's organic in shape and definitely not meant to be there!!! Now I feel sick, and honestly, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat a product made by this company again. I'm horrified to be reading numerous reports similar to mine, dating from a couple days ago to over a year ago.

This needs to be investigated properly and stopped! Now I'm worried because I did actually ingest a part of the egg pictured because I realised too late?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Egg.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Compensation for such a disgusting shock.

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The food being sold to Americans is processed in other countries, end result organic matter in cans, packages, and fresh imported vegetables and fruit (of course it is not fresh when it has traveled around the world, or across the country). Europe won't accept the food we eat.

Found animal parts cut up in a can of Campbell Vegetarian Soup, was not a bug. Odd thing to find in vegetarian soup! LOL! I tried to contact Campbell, not heard yet.

Don't know where ingredients come from, can only stated "cooked in USA". All packages and canned goods should have to tell consumer where the product came from and where it was processed. This biogenetic situation is dangerous. Companies keep all this secret, because they want cheap third world country products.

Watch more and more unidentified matter in grocery products.

Look up how shrimp is raised in Thailand! Trump signed genetic approval, I believe, this month.


Don’t get Nutella either Cos it’s full of same eggs and worms! I went and looked at coles and iga and they had heaps of the same white eggs in their Nutella!

I am livid and I can’t understand how this can happen! It’s so gross and they must be so filthy to let this happen!

How the *** does a worm get into jars of food Cos they are meant to be sterile with heat process and very clean careful packaging! Obvi they are not clean and do not sterilise their products!


Was this the original ferrero rocher or the dark chocolate one? Curious because I found the same thing in mine--the dark chocolate version one with sprinkles on the outside.

What is your email I would like to talk to you. Thanks

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