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Got a box of ferrero rochers on the 21st of July (expire September 2017) in Australia. Took a *** out of one of them so it spilt in half then I saw small white rings within the Nutella part (near the hazel nut).

Freaked out and started checking all of them. (Seeing fungus makes me itch so finding this out was incredibly uncomfortable). ALL OF THEM had the same small white rings on the inside which were probably some type of bacteria or fungus. This has grossed me out from eating these chocolates forever.

It's disgusting coming from such a high standard brand from the way the chocolates are advertised to the way they are priced. It's terrible

Review about: Ferrero Rocher Chocolate.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did you find out what this is? What did the company say back to you?

I just found the same thing in mine! I've already eaten most of them before noticing and feel sick to my stomach looking at it now.


That looks like dead worm/larva to me.

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